Dr. Chamberlain, an epidemiologist specializing in childhood exposure to violence and brain development, is the founding director of the Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project and a consultant for the Family Violence Prevention Fund. An internationally renowned keynote speaker, Dr. Chamberlain is known for her ability to translate science into practical information with diverse audiences. Her passionate belief that everyone can make a difference conveys a message of hope and opportunity. Dr. Chamberlain holds faculty appointments at the University of Alaska and Johns Hopkins University. She earned her public health degree from Yale School of Medicine and her doctorate from Johns Hopkins. Dr. Chamberlain has published extensively and is editor for the e-journal, Family Violence Prevention and Health Practice. She serves on the National Advisory Board for the Institute for Safe Families. Awards and recognition for her work include a National Kellogg Leadership Fellowship. Living on a rural homestead outside of Homer, Alaska with her husband and dog team, she has developed a highly innovative lecture series on leadership and teamwork called “Lessons from the Trail” and teaches a graduate course on public health and leadership. For her first book, Arctic Inspirations, she traveled from Alaska through the northern Canada and on to Siberia to gather stories of women starting businesses in the Arctic. She is currently working on a book on “Mushing the Mail on the Iditarod Trail.”

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