University of Hawaii at Hilo
"Dr. Chamberlain was very good at explaining complex medical issues into language we all could understand."

Healthy Start Program Domestic Violence Training, Washington
"Excellent balance between the science, treatment and assessment-a lot of new information for me on the impact of domestic violence on young children."

Celebrating California's Juvenile Centennial Conference, Hollywood, California
"Incredibly knowledgeable presenter with cutting edge science and stories about how D.V. and alcohol affects teen development."

California Attorney General's Office, Safe from the Start, Redwood City, California
"Excellent presentation-should be on PBS!!"

Our Children, Our Families, Our Communities, Kotzebue, Alaska
"I enjoyed Dr. Chamberlain's affect and energy which helped me to absorb this information."

Mendocino County Schools Whole Child Conference, Willits, California
"Awesome! Crucial information on the effects of violence on children."

Adoption Placement Specialists Regional Training Series, State of California,
"I have incorporated several of the ideas from your presentation into my parenting classes with good response. I shared the 'teamwork from a sled dog perspective idea' with a group of social workers.they 'got it' that we all need to work together."

Los Angeles, CA
“I shared your ‘teamwork’ from a sled dog perspective with a group of social workers and they got it that we all need to work together!”

Kansas City, MO
“What you described about adolescent brain development explains so much—not only about the teens I work with, but how to communicate better with my own kids.”

Mobile, AL
“Learning about the effects of lifetime abuse has opened the door for me to understand more about the multiple traumas of the clients I work with and how just being able to talk about it can make a difference.”

Philadelphia, PA
“Hearing that there’s something we can do is invaluable. There is hope!”


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