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You know how they say a leopard can’t change its spots?  That may be true but environment plays a huge role in the behavior of both people and dogs.  Blue is a young male who was described as spending most of his time in his dog house---not particularly social and would just come out for the essentials such as eating and running!  Now fast forward to Blue in our dog yard.  When I look out in the morning, it’s Blue who is the first out of his house and at night, the last to usually go in.  If there’s something going on---an eagle in the tree, a moose coming up the trail…rest assured that Blue is responding to the situation.  The larger kennel he came from probably had quite a few dominant males that were vying for top alpha dog.   Blue sees that he can aspire to a more senior position in our kennel of milder males so he’s the man around town here.  Blue runs straight as an arrow and has become my trusty wheel dog---a tough, tiring position in the team but he never seems to get tired.



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