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  Dog Handlers

A good sled dog handler is the backbone of a dog sled kennel.  They are out in the sun, rain, and snow taking care of the dogs.  Handlers bond with the dogs and will be readily able to identify any disturbances or problems. Among their many duties, handlers have the important job of scooping poop, feeding, grooming, exercising the dogs; cutting up meat scraps from the local butcher shop, making meatballs for snacks, dumpster diving for salmon heads; keeping an eye on the moose that like to wander in the yard at 3 am; and also supporting the musher 110%.

The dog sled handlers that come to visit our kennel usually stay for six months to two years.  We’ve had handlers visit from all over the world.  They stay in a 12X18 log and timber frame cabin, with no running water, and one of the neatest outhouses in Alaska--it was even featured in the 2008 Outhouses of Alaska calendar!



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