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Surf had a rough upbringing after his former kennel was abandoned, he was left to starve and a tennis ball-sized infection formed in his mouth. Thanks to some generous mushers and veterinarians, Surf had one of his salivary glands removed and was nursed to back to health until he wound up here. One would think that such a dog might be mistrustful around people but, on the contrary, Surf is perhaps one of the most people-loving dogs in the yard. In fact, he likes people so much that he stamps his feet and twirls his head with uncontainable joy whenever he wants attention, thus earning him the title of “The Dancing Dog.” Surf is also notable for his brindle coat, which has become increasingly rare in huskies. Surf tends to slow down going down big hills and is always keeping some energy in reserve on long runs but will always hustle with amazing gusto on the way back for the hunk of fish that awaits him at home.



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