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Tessie is a three-year female that we have taken on as a special project!  Unlike her litter mates, Tessie is wildly shy.  Joining us from a distance racing kennel, she loves to run and is a hard worker but she avoids contact with humans unless it’s time to put on her harness!  Tessie does have lots of canine buddies and loves to play with her neighbors in the dog yard—Solomon and Nintendo.   She watches everything happening around her and is the most vocal dog in the yard—for a 40 lb dog, she has a big bellow!  Like Olga, she is like having an alarm system in the team.  Instead of perking her ears, Tessie has a very specific bark when there is something ahead on the trail.  Tessie has made a special bond with our dog handler, Tiffany, and will take a biscuit from her hand which is a big break-through.  We have high hopes of overcoming Tessie’s shyness with humans and know that there’s lots of work ahead.



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